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Smash-and-grab theft right in front of Fresh Flours coffeeshop

December 14th, 2012 · Comments

Susan tells us someone smashed the window on her car, which was parked at the corner of North 61st Street and Greenwood Avenue North, next to Fresh Flours coffeeshop, in the afternoon when it was still light out.

My son and I went to Fresh Flours Coffeeshop after I picked him up from school. We were inside for about 20 minutes and when we returned to our car parked on the corner of 61st St and Greenwood Ave, the passenger front window had been smashed. My son’s backpack was stolen and its contents which was a lunchbox, a jacket, gloves and his notebook. The thief got nothing of value since he stole a kindergartener’s backpack but caused a great deal of heartache for a 5 year old who struggled to understand why this happened to him. The cost of repair for my window is $500 but the lesson for my son (that there are bad people in his neighborhood) is way more costly. I hope you catch this jerk! At the least, folks in the neighborhood should not leave anything in the front seat and be extra aware.

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  1. brian naubert says:

    I live two blocks away and this happened in the evening a few weeks ago. in fact, in the eight years i’ve lived here it’s happend at least once a year to a roommate’s car.

  2. Jon says:

    If you leave anything that isn’t tied down to the physical structure of the car, some asshole, on some random street corner, is going to cost you $500+ to take it. A jacket, a pack, anything. If they think that there’s a possibility that you left some money, or something valuable, they’ll go for it.

    Drug addicts are fantastic, aren’t they?

    Everybody learns the lesson the hard way. I hope the idiot with a little kid’s backpack (that is in a dumpster somewhere) gets caught. That area in particular is not exactly the safest, considering the crowd that hangs out around the Zoo and the 7/11 store.

  3. Josh says:

    Someone stole the cover off my Vespa the other night…we’ve also had our car ransacked during the night too…what’s the deal with this neighborhood? I like too much to want to move, but come on folks!

  4. Dan says:

    The morning of December 9th my catalytic converter was hack sawed from under my Toyota Tacoma. I live in the Ken’s Market area. And yes, drug addicts are fantastic!

  5. sezdog says:

    I don’t think it’s the neighborhood. This happens all over the city. My observation has been that crime goes up in one area, then police presence goes up & people take more precautions, so crime moves to another area, and the cycle repeats. I’ve especially seen it happen with prostitution and drug dealing, which are more visible & obvious.

  6. Seattle Mike says:

    We had the hardtop stolen off our Mazda Miata about a month ago. Right under a streeet light, on NW 72nd between 3rd NW and Greenwood. And that’s a relatively busy street. They smashed in the triangle windows, and popped the top off. In the rain.

  7. sllgatsby says:

    I don’t know if this is helpful, but since I’ve already been thinking today about how to talk to little kids when they come up against tragedy or violence, I thought I’d post it anyway, in case it helps you talk to your son about the theft. It’s a really good article written by Fred Rogers on how to talk to kids about tragedies and disasters. This man always makes me cry! I sure miss him.


  8. Katie says:

    You may want to take a look around the area…Lots of times, thieves will throw away stolen items they don’t want…In the bushes, etc.

  9. Block Watcher says:

    Drug addicts are fantastic, aren’t they?

    And the neighborhood is under attack by these worthless thieves. Why do we tolerate it? Today, I happened to step on some litter and crunched some plastic hypodermic syringes mixed in with fast food trash.
    The police need bike patrols in Phinneylandia. Get the loitering bums out of here.

  10. HL says:

    Don’t whine about it on here and think that something will be done. Call, email, visit the North Precinct Commander, Nick Licata, and Mike McGinn. They all live/work in the neighborhood. Squeaky wheel gets the grease!

  11. Jose says:

    HL is right. Reporting it here is useful because it alerts other neighbors, but to actually get some action, we HAVE to let the North precinct police know as well as our elected officials (as useless as they seem to be…). Call the North precinct, or email the Community Liaison officer Penelope Fulmer at Penelope.Fulmer@seattle.gov. Squeaky wheel and all that. If they don’t know about the problem we definitely won’t get their attention.