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UPDATE: SUSPECT FOUND — Police pursue man who entered East Phinney Ridge home tonight

December 7th, 2012 · Comments

Update 10:49 p.m.: The woman who saw the intruder tells us the man is now in custody.

Fortunately, no one was shot. The officer came back by and told me the guy had been prowling around the neighborhood causing mischief. He’s been caught and is now in police custody. Phew!

We still hope to hear from SPD to get more information.

Earlier: A woman who lives near 74th and Linden tells us of a scary encounter inside her home tonight:

At about 9:30 tonight, I was in my home near 74th and Linden when I looked up from my computer and saw a man standing in the doorway of my home office. He was in his early 30’s, about 5’10”, long brown hair in a pony tail. I asked who he was and what he was doing there. Then, realizing my husband was on a walk and I was in the house alone with my young child, I started to scream for him to get out of the house.

He started backing away, saying an officer had been shot 3 blocks away. I said I would call 911 and I did. He described the location to me and I relayed the info to the 911 operator. Then, he turned and ran away, towards Winona on Linden.

Within moments, an officer arrived and, after confirming the description of the man, took off in pursuit.

We’ve heard from several people that a helicopter was flying over that part of the neighborhood tonight, but we don’t yet know if it’s related.

We have a call in to Seattle Police and will update this post when we have more information.

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  1. MikePhoto says:

    Yes, the helicopter was definitely related. When I heard it buzzing around I turned on the scanner – the same guy then tried to steal a car near the 7-11, and he wound up getting arrested after he entered another home at 8th & 64th (where he got out of a taxi.)

    After doing a full roll call of every officer logged in to North they released Guardian One (the helicopter).

    One call reported that the guy may have cut off his hair in an attempt to change his appearance.

    Weird happenings in the ‘hood tonight!

  2. neighbs says:

    The helicopter was definitely circling tight above the area. I live on 72nd and Linden and was concerned about a red sedan parked in the alley way near my house when I took my dog out for a walk and saw the helicopter. It sounds like we can definitely confirm that an officer wasn’t shot in the area and the intruder was arrested, right?

  3. neighbs says:

    And I’m glad to hear that the woman who encountered the intruder is safe. Scary stuff!

  4. grnwd says:

    Anyone know what is going on with two casualties reported on 100 block of N 79 St? I figured the first one had something to do with the helicopter (which is why I checked Tweet Beat) but then I read this post and when I checked the SPD feed again I saw another report in the same area at midnight! Stay safe, neighbors.


  5. anotherneighbor says:

    yikes! Glad the mom and kid are safe!

  6. Block Watcher says:

    Sounds like the police did a great job and nabbed the weirdo.

  7. Walter White says:

    Must be a fresh batch of A grade meth on the market, all the tweakers are out ‘working’.

  8. Walter White says:

    “Fortunately, no one was shot”

    Doesn’t she mean ‘unfortunately’?

  9. Jose says:

    @grnwd: The 500 block of N 79th has a section 8 house that has housed sex offenders and convicts released from jail for decades. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the 100 block incident had something to do with those scumbags. There was an incident that made the news about two weeks ago where one of the residents attached another with a garden tool and bloodied his ear, then got hauled away by the cops. The landlord is a very wealthy old fart who is not interested in doing anything about it because he gets his checks from the government regularly every month to pay the rent for the lowlifes.