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Several packages stolen from lobby of Phinney Ridge condo building

December 3rd, 2012 · Comments

Roxy tells us that someone stole several packages from her her condo building’s lobby today.

I live in a condo building on 60th and Phinney and came back from a walk today to find an empty, torn-open box outside on the sidewalk, the front door lock kept open with a crumpled piece of plastic, and about five packages gone from the lobby. The theft happened between 3:30 and 5 pm (and I’m sure it was theft, as one package was mine and is gone). No idea yet on how they got in the building, but I’m sure they’re on the prowl around the neighborhood, so heads-up. Maybe it’s worth the pain in the butt to go for signature-required delivery?

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  1. anotherneighbor says:

    Yes, it’s totally worth it to get signature-required delivery. I’m still struggling with our postal carrier, who now likes to simply place our mail, including packages, on a bench on our front porch – without putting any of of in our locking mailbox.

  2. amy says:

    anotherneighbor…the best way to deal with your carrier not putting mail in your locking mailbox is to complain to the supervisor at the Wallingford PO (which is where Greenwood mail is distributed from). I had a supervisor tell me this directly when I was ha ving a similar problem. They then have a discussion with the carrier, but they can’t fix the problem if they don’t know about it.

    Call the Wallingford PO at (206) 547-1406 and ask to speak to a supervisor.

  3. jmpr says:

    Amy, for years our carrier routinely has routinely signed his own name on signature required deliveries to our apartment. I called the supervisor at the Wallingford PO and was assured this matter would be addressed and corrected. It wasn’t. Months later, I contacted the Postal Service through their online site and was assured by them that they would contact Wallingford and take care of this. There was also no correction. So, even though we had the carrier’s name (obviously since he signed it on our signature slips) and had kept many of the envelopes he’d signed for…the problem is ongoing years later and we have just given up.

  4. Block Watcher says:

    Somebody must be watching that building. That’s the condo building hit for the expensive bicycle thefts earlier this year.

  5. Greenwood Resident says:

    That was not the only building hit for bicycles. My understanding is that perpetrators were staying at the Everspring and shipping out truckloads of “hot” bikes for sale in other areas. Even with registration tags they were unlikely to get caught since those places that do register bikes do it on a city or county basis with no database connections to other jurisdictions.

    One suggestion – enact a house rule of “no smoking” in all the lobbies, then designate a spot just outside the front door. Just having someone there most of the time will deter most bad guys.

  6. Gitane says:

    For a small fee, you can get packages delivered to the Sip ‘n Ship on Greenwood. You pay per package, it’s not an ongoing charge. We do this for any deliveries of high-value items.

  7. blard says:

    Have your packages sent to your workplace.

  8. Rob says:

    Before shipping packages to your work place, make sure it’s okay with the company for whom your work. Also note some company’s have a policy that all packages are opened by receiving clerk(s). I guess this is to protect themselves from signing for something illegal? Who knows. Also most larger organizations and some small ones too, don’t want the hassle of receiving a lot of extra mail.

  9. PhinneyRidgian says:

    I know that when we had problems with our carrier, I complained on the usps site. I received a phone call from the Wallingford PO manager within a couple of hours. We have not had that particular problem since. Now if we could just get him to stop stuffing mail inside junk catalogs.

  10. Rob says:

    Yes – it would be nice if the postal carrier would stop stuffing the regular mail, inside advertising circulars. I have to remind my husband to shake out the circulars before they go in the trash. Also it would be nice if the carrier didn’t get our mail all wet when it rains. Why does he have to carry the mail around in his hands, why doesn’t he leave it in the bag until he gets to the house he is delivering it to? I have received bills that are so soaked through that the return envelopes cannot be used because they have been sealed shut by the soaking they received.

  11. Block Watcher says:

    There’s always strange men hanging around in the park across the street from that condo building.

  12. Whopper says:

    Time for Whopper’s tried and true gag tweaker box: fill big box with peanuts, insert 2-3 cocked rat traps (the monster kind that will break fingers), make fake label with fake address and be sure to add an Apple logo.

    Leave by front door.

    Go have a beer and a good giggle.

  13. Block Watcher says:

    They need security cameras in their lobby and garage area.

  14. justin2020 says:

    Block Watcher – if the building in quesiton is across from the 7-11, I used to live there and it is a target for car prowls for sure – and I think a time or two the lobby got broken into and mail/packages were stolen also while I was there. the thought of installing security cameras was brought up numerous times with mixed feelings. When I moved out, the idea was gaining support. So annoying that we have to spend money to keep people from stealing our stuff.

  15. Block Watcher says:

    It’s annoying that we’re constantly under attack by the local junkies and lazy criminals.

  16. Block Watcher says:

    Four package thieves were arrested in West Seattle yesterday.