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Man steals wallet from A-1 Pianos, runs to catch bus to get away

November 9th, 2012 · Comments

Marie at A-1 Pianos tells us that a man walked into the store at 7020 Greenwood Ave. N. around 11:45 Friday morning, went into the office and stole a wallet, then ran across the street to catch the #5 bus downtown.

She says they have surveillance video of the man, who was African-American, about six feet tall, 180-200 pounds, wearing a leather jacket and cap. She says they recognized the man, because he has periodically stopped by the store asking for a job.

In the meantime, if anyone finds a wallet, I.D. and credit cards, please contact A-1 Pianos at 206-783-7055 or info@a-1pianos.com.

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  1. Jose says:

    Post a picture of the guy here!

  2. Mike Perry says:

    The stupidity of some criminals amazes me. Committing a crime with a surveillance camera running is stupid. Depending on a city bus for your escape is even more so.

    He got away this time, but we know what he looks like. His days of snitching wallets are numbered.

  3. Block Watcher says:

    Oh, does that make the metro bus driver an accomplice?

  4. Grant says:

    Until we discover this perp’s identity, how can we be certain enough of his citizenship status to call him an “African-American”? My guess is that had the perp been melaninly deprived, he would have been given the more descriptive and accurate appelation of ‘white’.

  5. Grant says:

    Appellation – sorry.

  6. I don’t appreciate your cavalier attitude about my wallet getting stolen. It was a very traumatic incident for me. I actually spoke with the thief and got a good look at him as well as have him captured on video stealing my wallet. He is very definitely African-American. Shame on you for making light of this and insinuating we do not know his ethnicity and citizenship status.

  7. justin2020 says:

    Can you post a photo of this man? There is a man who dresses like the one described here who has made appearances in an alley way at my #5 bus stop from time to time. He has gotten on the bus a couple of times. If I could see a photo perhaps I could keep an eye out in the future to see if he reappears. I haven’t seen him for a couple of weeks now.

  8. We will definitely try to post a picture of him asap. Thanks!