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5-story building planned for empty dump lot on 85th and 3rd

November 8th, 2012 · Comments

A five-story building is planned for a currently empty lot that has turned into a dumping ground at 143 NW 85th St.

The lot is between a small office building on the right and a home on the left.

The Land Use Application calls for four residential units and one live/work unit on the lot, which includes a steep slope and will require 11,034 cubic yards of grading.

The project requires a SEPA Environmental Determination. The public may comment on the project through Nov. 21.

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  1. Stephen F says:

    Sweet Jesus!!! Yay!!! Finally that eyesore will be gone. Looking forward to future new Greenwoodians. 🙂

  2. Whopper says:

    …and fewer Green’hoodians.

  3. So agree with the above statements. Nice the houses were remodeled more recently. It seems out of scale, but with the new Fred Meyer, it’s probably going to be a denser neighborhood and it’s a good place for more density.

  4. Chris says:

    Does anyone know the timeline for when the Greenwood Fred Meyers will open. The construction work looks far from complete. I never saw a new schedule since the project had a delayed start.

  5. tahomajim says:

    An employee told mid February 2013. Also, they’ll sell gas at the new station.

  6. Benjamin C says:

    Great news!

  7. Greenwood Resident says:

    Headline is a bit misleading, but thankfully the pictures show the lot and the story has the address.

    3 of the 4 corner lots at 85th and 3rd could use some enhancement, though, as could the old Winchell’s Donut lot.

  8. JD Kruger says:

    While I am glad to get rid of a trashy lot, I am concerned that they want to go to 5 stories.
    We live on the other side of the alley and a 5 story building will impact the privacy of our yard.
    On the other hand it might dampen some of the noise from 85th.

  9. joebobbrooks says:

    I am assuming that the 5 stories will begin at 85th street level, and therefore much lower than the street level one block south. Still, 5 stories seems VERY HIGH for this area. However, also glad to hear that someone is going to clear up this eyesore.

  10. JD Kruger says:

    Considering the building next to it is only two stories and the second is almost level with the alley, the new building will have three floors that will look in to my and my neighbors yards.