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Hit and run mayhem during Art Walk

May 11th, 2012 · Comments

Update 10 p.m.: Det. Mark Jamieson has just posted the full account on the SPD Blotter.

Update 9:15 p.m.: The scene at 73rd and Greenwood was just one of several crime scenes that Seattle Police say is related to one suspect.

“We have quite a convoluted scene, a very spread out scene, Det. Mark Jamieson tells me.

Det. Jamieson says this is all began about 6:30 tonight when an officer recovered a stolen car near Green Lake. The registered owner was contacted and said he was on his way to pick it up. The officer completed his paperwork and drove away, but just minutes later he saw that same car drive by. The officer knew that the registered owner couldn’t have reached the scene that fast, so he tried to pull the car over. The suspect took off at a high rate of speed.

“So we now have a stolen car that has been re-stolen,” Det. Jamieson says.

The officer chased the stolen car up to Greenwood Avenue, where several other police cars were congregating to stop the suspect. The suspect intentionally rammed a patrol car, then drove up onto the sidewalk, nearly striking a pedestrian, who had to jump out of the way. Det. Jamieson said that pedestrian suffered a minor injury from scrambling out of the way, and was taken to the hospital to be checked out. hitting a pedestrian, who suffered a minor leg injury (this information has been updated by SPD.)

The chase continued northbound on Greenwood Avenue and side streets, until the suspect collided with another car at 87th and Greenwood, and then also hit another patrol car. The suspect drove around Walgreens, down the alley, and tried to run over officers who were trying to stop him. Another pedestrian in that area was slightly hurt jumping out of the way.

This car was hit by the suspect at North 87th Street and Greenwood Avenue North. Photo by James McFarlane.

At that point, SPD terminated the pursuit, but was able to keep visual contact with the suspect vehicle because so many patrol cars were in the area.

This police car was hit near the Walgreens at 87th and Greenwood. Photo by James McFarlane.

The suspect was finally caught at 8th Avenue NE and NE 67th Street. The suspect is a man in his 20s. Det. Jamieson said he was taken to Harborview Medical Center because he appeared to be under the influence of something. After being evaluated at the hospital, he will be booked into King County Jail for a variety of charges.

Earlier: A two-car accident Friday evening at Greenwood Avenue North and North 73rd Street turned into a police chase “right out of Hollywood,” according to one witness.

When an officer saw the accident and turned on his lights, one of the vehicles, a white sedan, pulled a quick u-turn, hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk and sped north on Greenwood Avenue, bystander Matt Gaultier said.

Another witness, Evan Rush, said “the officer gunned it going backwards and spun around. It was just like out of Hollywood.”

An officer at 73rd said the suspect was captured in Greenwood and may have collided with a police vehicle.

We saw one person being taken to the hospital.

After all that, a police car leaving the scene accidentally backed into a car that was waiting at the light, going northbound on Greenwood Avenue North.

As of 8 p.m., part of the scene was taped off and officers were directing traffic through the intersection.

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  1. Dave says:

    Wonder if this explains why SPD was closing off Greenwood Ave to traffic as far north as 90th St…

  2. outandabout says:

    there was something goign on at 86th between greendwood and 1st. Lots of police cars

  3. Louise says:

    I saw part of the car chase near 81st St. – made me feel nauseous. Glad there were no fatalities.

  4. David says:

    The white car sped past and careened around the corner running a red at 85th and Fremont Ave. The whole right front end was smashed in and the driver was FLYING!

  5. sunsetsu says:

    I was riding my bike near 75th & Greenwood when I saw the cop car going about 50 miles an hour – IN REVERSE

  6. Chris says:

    87th and Greenwood Ave are completely blocked off. There’s broken glass in the intersection and a red bag.

    I heard screaming (I live behind the Safeway) when I got home, heard sirens. I didn’t see a thing but the sound alone was chilling.

  7. K says:

    Not sure if it was related but I was walking along the NW end of Green Lake around 6:50pm and must have seen around 6-8 SPD cars speeding southeast on Green Lake Drive near Bagley Ave N with sirens and lights flashing. I wonder if they were chasing one of the vehicles as this would have been shortly after the incidents.

    I sincerely hope that the people hit weren’t hurt too bad and will be ok.

  8. Patrick says:

    A small white sedan came flying North to 87th at about 6:40. I think he blew through the intersection at 85th, honking his horn as the police were in chase. He went through the red light at 87th Jesse Safeway and smashed the front of a green Honda SUV in the process, veering toward the crosswalk on the opposite side of the street near Walgreens. I thought hehit a woman who was crossing the street but she moved back on time and only fell in the street. The car proceed North into the Walgreens parking lot, made a clockwise loop around the Walgreens and excited heading eastward on 87th toward aurora on 87th, probably right past the mayor’s. While we weresstanding near the intersection by Safeway to see of the driver who was hit and the womanwe thought was hit were ok, the police said the suspect had been caught. Cray!!

  9. Patrick says:

    (Sorry about typos)

  10. sunsetsu says:

    It was pretty frightening to watch the police car skid, spin out and nearly tip over, before the driver pointed it north.

    I heard from one of the cops that the driver of the white car hit a motorcyclist near 85th & Greenwood.

    The police need to catch bad guys, but a high-speed chase down Greenwood Avenue during the Art Walk is incredibly reckless. I’m glad more people weren’t hurt.

  11. joey altruda says:

    I witnessed the event at 73rd–only feet away from the u-turn that the white honda made…The pedestrian, a man about ~60 yrs old, was hit by the suspect’s vehicle (not merely dodged out of the way as the story states). He was hit in the upper thigh and hit the ground hard. It was quite incredible that the victim was not injured more severely.

    It was an incredible scene, seeing the whites of the eyes of the of the suspect and then the patrol car gunning it in reverse in hot pursuit.

  12. jocelynne says:

    I was one of the pedestrians near the lady who fell in front of Walgreens and had to jump out of the way when he drove onto the sidewalk. Too scary!

  13. Doree says:

    joey altruda – SPD just updated their original info, saying the first pedestrian was indeed hit and injured by the stolen car. I updated the post.

  14. K says:

    Obviously, given that the car was stopped and the suspect apprehended near 68th and 8th just east of I-5 near Green Lake, the police cars I saw speeding southeast along Green Lake Drive were persuing the suspect. Glad to hear that he was caught and that no one appears to have been seriously injured.

    What I don’t understand is why it’s standard protocol to leave a stolen car unattended until the owner shows up (as Elisa Hahn just claimed on King 5 News). This could have all been prevented had the suspect not been able to reenter the car he had previously stolen and drive off with it. Can’t a boot be placed on it or some other way be found to temporarily disable it until the owner shows up? Or does this just tie up police resources unnecessarily? Isn’t the car evidence and thus can’t just be left alone?

  15. Fred says:

    Hope they give him a beat down….

  16. AG says:

    Seconded on the beatdown. Better, send the guy back here (carless) and we’ll handle it ourselves. And after that, hope they charge him with everything they can think of.

  17. phinneyfun says:

    Unrelated, but thinking back to the poor guy hit on the motorcycle on Third NW last week, yesterday evening a blue sporty-looking car flew at about 60 mph up 3rd Ave north from 65th street. Where are all these jackasses coming from? My kids are saying they long to move out of Seattle, that the whole Greenwood/Phinney area is grungy and nasty anymore.

  18. bio says:

    So the bad guy is out running errands in the stolen car, and while he is parked the police discover it and call the owner. After the police leave and before the owner arrives, the perp, oblivious, gets back in the stolen car and goes on his business at which point the pursuit begins…an amazing arrangement of timing.

    I was at home making dinner when I heard the sirens barreling by Greenwood Ave and N 85th, My husband and first grader were out getting groceries. I give thanks to the Universe that they did not meet paths. Lives are forever changed in a second of timing.

  19. lil k says:

    Even though this happened I’m glad everyone is okay and I still love you big brother ill come visit glad your okay

  20. Cliff Joslyn says:

    Hi, I’m the guy who was hit at 73rd and Greenwood. I’m a local resident as well. I’m very grateful to be alive and only moderately injured, and very grateful to the two women EMTs who were passers by, and who responded so ably and quickly, and to the EMT crew who followed them. Were they from the firehouse right there? I ended up with a pretty badly broken thumb and a mildly broken leg, so a bit worse than the press reports indicated. I’ll be off my feet for a while, and the thumb will need surgery, but the Vicodin is helpful, and it could have been *so* much worse for me and others. I will never forget lying on Greenwood and watching that cop peeling out in reverse. Only one thing for the record: I’m only 48! Apparently I appear to be “an older gentleman”, or “in my 60’s” in terms of the press reports! Like I was simply too feeble to jump out of the way. . .hrmph!

  21. Sadie says:

    I’m relieved that you’re ok. Sorry you got chucked in to that mess.

    Apparently anyone over 40 is considered a geezer these days. ; ) I wish you a speedy recovery.

  22. Jon says:

    Get well, Cliff.

  23. Karl says:

    Would like to hear a little more about how it’s possible to re-steal a car, especially after the stolen vehicle was “recovered”. That’s some weird police procedure…

    On a side note, what’s with all the hit and runs in this city?! Seems to happen quite a bit…

  24. I heart greenwood says:

    Wow, talking about adding insult to injury for Cliff! I’m sorry to hear that you were so badly hurt and are laid up by this crazy, irresponsible drug addict. Wishing you a quick, easy recovery. Your community and neighbors are rooting for you. Take care, sir!

  25. Beckie says:

    I was sitting in my car in the Walgreens parking lot when I hear a few loud crash sounds. I thought maybe the store was unloading some boxes or pallets from a truck. Then I hear a bunch of screaming, look over my shoulder and see a bunch of people running towards me from the corner and screaming in terror. This guy was totally barreling down the sidewalk on the wrong side of the street, smashing in to other cars, rips in to the parking lot, and then I think I went in to shock. Do I get out and run? Is he gonna hit me too? Put my seatbelt on and hold on? Longest 3 seconds of my LIFE! I looked right in to his face. He went right in front of me, and down an alley. Nobody following him. Didn’t even hear sirens for about 10 minutes. I’m fine. Sat there shaking, cried a little. Watched people in the smashed cars, and the mothers hugging their children they were running with.We are so conditioned by what we see on TV. I can’t even explain what went through me other than shock. I didn’t respond as I should have I guess it seemed normal, or OK to ignore. I got out of my car after. Terrified he was gonna come back that way. I watched all the people, and listened. It was so surreal. Very surreal.

    Cliff: I am so glad you are ok. So sad for the ones hurt and scared and traumatized by all this. You are only 6 years older than me. I was worried when I saw it was a 60 year old man, but even with the correction on your age, brings home the reality that it could have been anyone. I saw the woman at Walgreens who was put inside the ambulance with her leg hurt. I’m glad the injuries were not more serious for anyone involved. Although, for me, I heard a loud horn driving home last night, which made me jump. I also froze at every white car I saw, thinking “that was the one.” I hope the memory of this event fades for all of us. You are all in my thoughts.

  26. Fred says:

    Sounds like he attended the Green’hood Driving Academy.

  27. Garbage Man says:

    Another piece of human refuse ruining a nice evening for us law abiding citizens of Greenwood. I’m sure there will be a nice liberal spin on this story how society failed this person or government didn’t do enough. Too bad with all the negative press toward SPD they didn’t unload their weapons on him when he was attempting to run them down in the alley. Would save us the cost of a trial, incarceration, and having to go through this again when he is released and re-offends. Maybe the next time this person will be successful in taking the life of an innocent. Time to take out the garbage….

  28. Block Watcher says:

    We’ll be interested to know the identity of this suspect and who they are endorsing for President in the next election.

  29. Fred says:

    ” who they are endorsing for President in the next election.”

    Anyone who lets him blame ‘society’ for his criminality.

  30. Tahomajim says:

    Throw the book at the punk. Property damage and endangering peoples lives he needs to spend time in court and jail to learn a few things. I hope he’s off the streets for a long time.

  31. aDayLate says:

    LOL Fred…pretty sure that would be The current Pres. We definitely need more accountability.

  32. Block Watcher says:

    Nah, the Republicans sent the economy down the drain – not Obama.

  33. Joan I says:

    Cliff, this was a big shock to hear that you are the one that got hit! I hope you mend quickly and I’m so glad it wasn’t worse. Happily, you’ve still got some fight in you, if you’re seeing the cop peeling out in reverse while you’re lying on the ground, and complaining about the decade or so they tacked on to your age.

  34. BenJammin says:

    Seems like if the cop that located the vehicle initially had DONE HIS JOB and secured the car properly – all this could have been avoided…

    Seems like all SPD need retraining…

  35. Roxane says:

    why on earth does the policeman leave the scene of a recovered?? stolen car, then doesn’t it become “unrecovered”?? Seattle Police or Seattle Police Procedure? Both bad for many years now!@

  36. Kim Mulligan says:

    It was truly a scary experience to witness. I saw the bike rider and feared for his safety. It’s truly a stroke of luck that no one was seriously hurt or worse. I wondered about the safety of the high speed pursuit with so many pedestrians on the street that night. Glad to hear he was caught. He endangered too many people that pleasant spring evening.

  37. Been There, Done That says:

    When I filled out the report for my car having been stolen, I was given the option of impound or leaving it in place if it were found. I elected to have it left in place, to avoid paying towing and storage charges (don’t trust tow companies). The police actually stayed with the car until I could arrive twenty minutes after they called me that it had been found, and checked my ID before they let me have it. Bought a Club anti theft device after this experience.

  38. GiveMeLiberalismOrIntelligence says:

    Guys, come on, this is Seattle. Where is your compassion for the perpetrator who obviously has been victimized by our uncaring society? You should be ashamed of yourselves.