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Ridge Pizza

March 4th, 2012 · Comments

Ridge Pizza (Pizza)
7217 Greenwood Ave. N. (map)
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 687-7621

Yelp: “…I especially like the community pizzas where they give a buck to a specific charity if you order a specific pizza…”

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  1. PhinneyRidgian says:

    We’ve been twice, once for the soft opening and then a week ago. The pizza is great and the staff is friendly, informative and efficient. The place is a bit loud, but we could still converse without yelling.

    The best part (besides the food) is that the children that were there were quiet and well behaved. A real treat.

  2. OnTheGreen says:

    Pizza’s are pretty darn tasty, service has been friendly the few times I’ve been. Love that they have a shuffleboard table. Sit at the counter and watch the ovenmaster do his thing – he’ll chat it up with you if you want. Walking to the place I’ll be thinking about how it’s on the verge of being overpriced – but as I’m eating the pizza I change my thought to “yeah, it’s probably just about right”. I think if they added a truly rad happy hour, I could frequent this place once a week or more.

  3. Sabrina says:

    I wish that we could get slices. The food is good but the prices are higher. I am glad that they have a lunch special. I would love to see more approachable pricing for small plates.

    It’s too expensive for my husband and me to go without someone else to share the pies.

  4. Bob Morseburg says:

    My first visit was Saturday. Beer selection was very good. They evidently have the same taste (IPA) as myself. We tried two sandwiches. (Joe’s Favorite and the beef dip. Both very good. Getting extra sauce for dipping the sausage sandwich was no problem. Next visit, which will be soon, I’ll try one of the pizzas

  5. Penny says:

    First the good points: great beer selection, full bar (!), wonderful staff, and they don’t let kids run around the place without supervision (ala Zeek’s down the street). Not-so-great points: I think the food is nothing special. Not much for vegetarians to choose from; the one sandwich option on the menu is pretty tasteless; pizza is good, but, again, nothing special. I would definitely go more often if there were more food items a vegetarian like me could pick from (maybe adding field roast, vegie burger, or portabello mushroom sandwich to the menu?). I still go there for a beer or cocktail, but not for a meal.

  6. Neighbor says:

    Love the menu items named after local businesses! A much larger space than you’d imagine. Pretty good turkey meatballs on the pizza. Sauce leaves a bit to be desired.