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Black and white dog found on Dayton and North 79th today

June 28th, 2011 · Comments

Update: A Phinneywood reader wrote on our Facebook page that owner and dog have been reunited.

Jim found this black and white dog wandering off leash around 3 p.m. today on North 79th Street, near Dayton Avenue North.

If you are the owner, or know who is, call Jim at 206-784-9626.

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  1. Penny says:

    If you’re able, try taking him to Phinney Ridge Animal Hospital where they can scan him and see if he has an ID microchip. Nice of you to take him/her in to make sure they’re safe.

  2. natosha says:

    I work in the SLU area and there was a “lost dog” sign posted on some of the light poles down here for a dog that seemed to look similar to this one. I say “seemed” because when i went to look for the poster it was no longer there. I will keep my eyes open for another flyer or maybe someone else on here saw the flyer while in the area.