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Kelly’s Fresh Produce pulls out, new tenant sought

March 14th, 2010 · Comments

Several people alerted us to the For Lease signs that appeared on the building where Kelly’s Fresh Produce was expected to open on the corner of North 83rd Street and Greenwood Avenue North. We just spoke with the building owner, who says he is indeed looking for a new tenant.

“The Kelly in Kelly’s Produce changed his mind, so we’re looking for a new produce vendor,” owner Jim Greene said today.

He says he’s got a couple interested people looking at the space. Greene says he hopes to have interior renovations done in the next week or so. One noteworthy element is a produce-themed mural on the interior north by artist Jim Carey. Here’s a picture of the partially completed work.

There’s also a comment thread on this subject in the forum.

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  1. treadway says:

    there has to be alot more to this story?

  2. Astro Buoy says:

    There is a lot of existing competition for the food consumers’ attention and dollar.

  3. chuck says:

    too bad. was looking forward to a place to buy local, organic produce that might be cheaper than the PCC.

  4. green'hood says:

    The reason Mud Bay left is b/c the building had a toxic mold problem as well as plumbing + gas issues. It would take a lot to fix those problems and make people comfortable buying food there.

  5. anon says:

    I say tear the bulding down and put in a Fatburger. Then maybe the lines at Red Mill won’t be so long.

  6. HL says:

    anon, FTW

  7. Jon says:

    You are correct about the building’s many problems. Mold, rats and so forth. They should definitely tear it down and start anew.

    Shame about the lack of a nice produce shop, though.