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Arson tally at 10 after 3 new fires

November 9th, 2009 · Comments

Update 8:15 a.m.: A third fire was discovered this morning at the Greenwood Quickstop at Greenwood and 81st, across from the Greenwood Library.

We spoke with Bill Meserole who was waiting for the market to open just before 8 a.m. When the owner unlocked the front door, he saw smoke but no fire.

Meserole ran to the back of the building and found a wire air vent with a cardboard box on fire inside.

Earlier this morning, firefighters responded to a wall fire at the Olive You restaurant at 8516 Greenwood Ave. N. — their second of the night in Greenwood. The call came in at 4 a.m., and fire crews extinguished the blaze minutes later, before it could extend to nearby businesses.

A fire spokeswoman says an arson patrol discovered the fire — once again deliberately set in the back of the business. Damage is set at $20,000, and firefighters say it could have been much worse if the patrol didn’t discover the blaze. Yet again, the arsonist escaped detection.

At 11 p.m. last night, the fire department rushed to the scene of a small fire in the back of Moonphoto at 77th and Greenwood, next to Wish boutique. A fire spokeswoman says the arsonist lit two fires behind the business. Fire crews quickly extinguished it, limiting damage to $1,000. Back in August, an arsonist lit a fire outside a home nearly next door at 7708 Greenwood Ave. N.

That makes 9 unsolved arson cases in Greenwood (see updated map). Eight businesses have burned in three separate fires since October 23rd.

A neighbor tells us that he has seen police and fire arson patrols overnight and early this morning. “The cops are doing their job,” he said. “I can’t believe this guy’s getting away with it. They should have someone apprehended by now.” A woman walked by us crying. “This just makes me so sad,” she said. “It’s like it’s never going to end.”

If you’ve seen anything suspicious, call 1-800-55-ARSON.

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  1. ink says:

    We now wake immediately when we hear sirens. Hair trigger. Fire dept dispatch says “fire in building” at 8516 Greenwood Ave, specifically.
    How much do we HATE this?

  2. Gwoodgirl says:

    The Seattle Times is also reporting a fire on 77th and Greenwood late Sunday night (picture only, does not indicate time of fire or business name).

  3. AG says:

    Us too, Ink. Hoping I can at least put my ruined sleep patterns toward a neighborhood watch or something. This must end.

  4. Another neighbor says:

    Woken by KIRO news van droning away at the corner. They’re also reporting a fire “behind a business at N. 78th and Greenwood.” Am guessing this is the same as the Times, but second fire to Olive You.

  5. Another neighbor says:

    Silver, re: Times, it’s just a pic and caption on the home page. And now that I’m awake, I see the paragraph in the blog above re: the first fire. Whoops. 😉
    KIRO van gone, quiet resumes, back to bed for a bit.

  6. Silver says:

    “Tap fire.”

    Yay! This means the fire is out!

    Nice job, SFD!!

  7. Silver says:

    Marshal 5 is now on the scene.

  8. Silver says:

    I was just thinking that when we catch this piece of garbage we should take turns waking him up at 4am for a month or two before we feed him to the penguins.

  9. Silver says:

    Anyone have a link to the Times story? I couldn’t find it.

  10. Pooter says:

    Set up tiny cams in alleys. I’m not sure why this hasn’t been done yet. You would have captured an image of the arsonist by now.

  11. AG says:

    Wake him up, Silver? That implies we let the guy(s) sleep. And we feed him to the penguins in slivers… let him enjoy the process as much as we’re gonna.

    In all seriousness, though, I’m impressed with and grateful to the arson patrol — pause to say OMG PHINNEYWOOD JUST NAMECHECKED ON KIRO 7 YAY! — for catching the Olive You fire so very quickly. I’m glad they’re on the case. (Any of our local coffeeshop owners want to put out a jar for donations to keep these fine citizens fueled? I’d be pleased to buy ’em a cup!)

  12. AG says:

    Adding: Pooter, the problem with cameras is that they have a habit of pushing crime where the cameras ain’t. With this arsonist’s lack of concern for lighting residential buildings (and private property) on fire, you’re apt to simply redistribute the risk. There are also legal issues re admissibility if it’s not done quite carefully.

  13. BK says:

    There is an ATM right next to Olive You. I imagine it has a camera and wonder if it may have captured an image of the arsonist – depending on the whether or not he/she walked by and the angle/scope of the camera.

  14. BK says:

    Oops, the fire was started in back of the business… I was paying attention to the pictures of the fire department at the front of Olive You.

  15. AB says:

    Every time I hear a helicopter now I just start hoping it isn’t a fire. Last night when I heard one at midnight I told my husband I thought it was too early for someone to start another fire, but I guess I was wrong. Makes me scared to live in Greenwood now.

  16. R says:

    Here is an attempt to summarize the region’s 2009 fires…
    Suspected arsons (possibly all by one individual)…
    —- ) June 19, 2009 – 8733 _ Greenwood Ave. N. – Former site of the OK Corral BBQ – Arson.
    —- ) August 12, 2009 – 7708 _ Greenwood Ave. N – Residence – Arson.
    —- ) August 13, 2009 – 1111 N. 98th Street – Offices – Arson.
    —- ) August 13, 2009 – 108 NW 84th Street – Residence – Arson.
    —- ) October 23, 2009 – 210 N 85th Street – Green Bean (Spreading to PhoTicTac-SzechuanBistro-CCTeriyaki) – Arson.
    —- ) November 2, 2009 – 13437 _ Greenwood Ave. N – Residence – Arson.
    —- ) November 5, 2009 – 338 NW 85th Street – Office – Arson.
    —- ) November 5, 2009 – 8402 _ Greenwood Ave. N – Rosewood Guitar – Arson.
    —- ) November 9, 2009 – 7704 _ Greenwood Ave. N. – Moonphoto – Arson.
    —- ) November 9, 2009 – 8516 _ Greenwood Ave N – OliveYou – Arson.
    —- ) November 9, 2009 – 8102 _ Greenwood Ave N – TBD – Arson.
    —- ) August 12, 2009 – 358 NW 85th Street – Residence – Accident.
    —- ) September 28, 2009 – 8539 _ Greenwood Ave. N – Gary’sGames – Accident.
    —- ) November 2, 2009 – 700 N 103rd Street — Residence – Accident.
    This list may be incomplete and/or out of date.
    This references list is certainly incomplete:

  17. Shannon says:

    Just saw firetrucks by the library. At the little grocery shop.

  18. Shannon says:

    Looked like smoke in the building.

  19. Neighbor says:

    Yay for arson patrols!!! Good job. I have faith you’ll catch this little f*cker!

  20. R says:

    Phinneywood has not “fallen back” apparently, as posts appear to be 1 hour off (8am posting reads “9am”).

  21. MikePhoto says:

    Sounds like there was also another fire at the QuickStop in the 8100 block of Greenwood. KING and KOMO are reporting this.

  22. Neighbor says:

    @18: Let’s hope so. And from the other accounts, it sounds like the arson patrol dog is who we have to thank for catching the 77th+Greenwood fire.

  23. TheGreenhood says:

    I saw that, too. It looks like it was caught in time and put out by a passer by. They are calling it arson as well.

  24. MikePhoto says:

    Just heard on the scanner – the police are ‘behind the dentist office at 82 & Greenwood with one; under control’. Waiting for more, and hoping that they got the guy!

  25. Iron City Mike says:

    If I were a Greenwood business owner, I’d put on a pot of coffee and stay up all night with a shotgun pointed out the alley. How much longer can this go on???

  26. jlw says:

    if the police can catch a person that killed an office in less than a week no reason we can’t catch an arsonist that is lighting fires all within a 2 mile radius and 90 percent start between 1-4am, how hard can it be? if a fireman or person gets injured (well someone did in the house fire in the alley on 1st) or dies maybe this will all be taken seriously? i saw partols before midnight, that’s not when the fires are happening. this is getting out of hand!

  27. Kelly says:

    Good job Arson Patrol! Who is heading this up? Is there info? It seems to me the arsonist is hitting places more frequently now… perhaps on days when it’s not storming?

  28. jmed says:

    I’m sick of this. Anyone want to start a vigilante group?

  29. Looks to be a photo of the guy on SeattleTimes.com

  30. HL says:

    It might be helpful for the Arson unit of SPD to publish a typical “profile” of the type person who would set fires like this. That approach seemed helpful in catching the guy who firebombed the police cars and later killed Ofc. Brenton.

  31. MTH says:

    I can’t make it to the arson meeting tonight, but please keep us posted what they say. Phinneywood is so helpful. I would feel even more afraid and isolated in my house if this site wasn’t here.

  32. Womble says:

    I had that same thought. Someone knows or has seen something without yet realising it. There is no way someone can move around the area completely un noticed.

  33. R says:

    — NOTE: Some Seattle arson history…
    —— 1992-1993 – “P.K” stated that he set 80 fires that killed 3 people over a 2-year period. His father turned him in, and may have received award money for doing so.
    —— 2004 (summer) (14 arsons incl. a Wallingford town house under construction & a Phinney condominium complex).

    — NOTE: Some fires slightly farther afield which may fit the 2009 arson pattern…
    —— October 3, 2009 – 55xx _ 15th Ave. NE.
    —— October 3, 2009 – 13xx NE 56th street.
    —— October 10, 2009 – 42xx _ 9th Ave NE.
    —— October 23, 2009 – 140xxx _ 37th Ave NE.
    —— November 7, 2009 – 4253 8th Ave NE.

    — NOTE: Arson Alarm Hotline at 1-800-552-7766 (55-ARSON).

    — NOTE: Characteristics of an arsonist: (http://www.angelfire.com/sc3/cjrp/arson.html). (Disclaimer: none of these may be applicable to those who have set these fires.)

  34. Iron City Mike says:

    Any word on if the latest round of affected businesses will be able to remain open?

  35. gladerunner says:

    I’ve considered doing the vigilante thing too.
    But I recently moved out of state and am renting my house there.
    Which leaves me helpless to watch this crap unfold here on the phinneywood site.
    My tenants are nervous.

  36. Womble says:

    Surely this idiot is leaving footprints or other evidence?.

  37. Kyle Michard says:

    I recently moved out of the area and am following these tragedies from up North. My heart goes out to all the victims. Looking at all the dates, this seems to be happening on weekends. Where are the cops?!

  38. coffeegeek666 says:

    they should be watching for someone who appears to join the crowd watching the fire after responders show up…

  39. jlw says:

    there has to be evidence! foot prints for sure.
    they tend to hit, when it doesn’t rain that day/night, between 1-4am, they are all with in a 1-2 mile radius of each other, and after a person got hurt in the house fire they stopped targeting vacant buildings/houses and are now hitting closed for the evening businesses. we need arson patrols in alley’s in the middle of the night! i take my dogs pee at times in the middle of the night and there have been pople lurking or walking about. have called police but they NEVER show up because a crime is not in progress.

  40. Womble says:

    Carry a camera everywhere !

  41. garrett says:

    doesn’t antika have cameras pointed at the corner?

  42. garrett says:

    i’m with ya.
    are you going to the meeting tomorrow night?

  43. Atamatic says:

    Fires make Hulk Mad! Hulk want to smash Arsonist! No seriously, Im unemployed and am thinking about asking business if they would want to hire me to look after there place at night till this creep gets nabbed. Is this in bad yast on my part or a good Idea?

  44. Juan says:

    Just a thought here, but it seems this chap (almost certainly male) is entering a tailspin where he wants to get caught? The 78th first is getting awfully close to the fire department. Only scary piece of this, of course, is that as he hits his peak, he’s likely to get more brazen and likely to put residences at risk.

  45. MikePhoto says:

    Silver – I never heard anything else related to that call. If they managed to get either one of the slimeballs (arsonist/burgler) I’d be a little happier.

    Is there a chance that the bank next to Olive You also has security cameras covering the rear that may have caught something? Or one of the multiple cameras on Antika, seeing someone wandering around at around the time of the fire?

    And if they are finding uncombusted materials, shouldn’t a tracking dog be able to follow whatever scent may be left on them? There are a lot of additional avenues of investigation that can be followed, I would think.

  46. garrett says:

    Atamatic…great idea…i think.
    Juan , I tend to agree with you. The fires are coming much more often and in really high-traffic areas…. Its like he’s in a frenzy now and can’t control himself. We should probably start patrolling every night now that doesn’t rain…

  47. MadNeighbor says:

    Let’s make sure the Upper Crust is still standing for tomorrow night’s arson meeting…

  48. jm says:

    There was an arson behind the Zesto’s restaurant on 65th Street during the summer and a security camera photographed the suspect walking through the parking lot. I never heard if that arson was solved.

  49. HL says:

    I cut this from the link that was posted above, which has a lot of information about Arsonists of all types (starting with children playing with matches, which is obviously not what we’re dealing with here.) This profile seemed to best fit what’s going on in Greenwood:

    Serial Arson:

    Arsonists who set fires repeatedly are referred to as serial fire setters.

    The NCAVC classifies compulsive fire setting as mass, spree or serial

    The serial arsonist is involved in three or more separate fire setting episodes with a characteristic emotional cooling off period between fires. This period may last days weeks or even years.

    Serial arson is the most serious type of arson do to apparent random selection of victims and unpredictable gaps between incidents. Furthermore a serial arson is not a separate or distinct motive for fire setting it is a pattern of fire setting frequently encountered in revenge, excitement or extremist motivated arson

    Serial arsonists often create a climate of fear in entire communities community leaders tend to compound the problem by pressuring law enforcement agencies to identify and quickly apprehend the fire setter often the arsonist evades apprehension for months while investigators become increasing frustrated by the lack of experience in handling these baffling cases

    This type of arson usually involves a disorganized crime scene physical evidence is often present. The offender frequently uses available materials found at the scene and carries the source of ignition with them usually a long offender is involved.

    The typical offender in this category is usually male. His age is generally younger than the single event arsonist. He tends to be a loner, but a secondary party may have knowledge of his activities. He will tend to be minimally educated and an underachiever. He generally has poor interpersonal relationships and is socially inadequate. Often he is unemployed and if he has an employment history it is erratic and involves little or no skill.

    Serial arsonists often have a history of substance abuse and a history of police contact/arrests for minor nuisance offenses. The offender walks to the scene of the fire and generally lives within one mile of the crime scene He is very likely familiar with the crime scene and could justify his presence in the area.

    It is important to analyze the cluster centers of fire activity. The tighter the cluster the closer to the area of significance to the offender.

    A subtype of the serial arsonist is the extremist serial arsonist. Research suggests that this offender is usually well educated and above average in intelligence. He is highly mobile and focuses his attacks on specific targets. He uses sophisticated incendiary devices. The crime scenes is organized and there is little or no physical evidence.

    Spree Arson
    Sets fire at three or more separate locations with no emotional cooling off period between them.

    Mass Arson
    Involves one offender who sets three or more fires at the same location during a limited time period

  50. Emc says:

    HL – see my post above.

  51. acc10x says:

    I wonder if the arsonist will be at Tuesday’s meeting? Creepy, but not out of the realm of possibility. Amazing that 3 different fires and a burglary all happen overnight within a stone’s throw of each other and none of the patrols saw any suspicious activity. Makes me worry that the arsonist is going to bask in all this and keep up’ing the ante.

  52. Silver says:

    MikePhoto – It might be that they’ve caught one of the gang of scumbags that has been robbing Dentists’ offices for some months now.

  53. Northend says:

    I called and reported a suspicious vehicle this morning. It passed me twice while I was walking my dog at around 5:40am.

    I was at the NE corner of 1st Ave NW and N 97th looking south and a mid to late 90’s black Mercedes passed heading west on N 97th toward 3rd Ave NW. That was pretty typical because people are always cutting between 15th and Greenwood on either N 100th or N97th. Then when I was heading north on Palantine Ave N just before N 100th, that same car passed me heading north and took a right onto N 100th and than a right onto Greenwood.

    That path just didn’t make sense to me. Almost as if the car was simply driving around the neighborhood. I have walked this same route at the same time for two years and had never seen this car or any car driving a similar route. Paranoia, maybe, but I figured better safe than sorry and called it in.

  54. Abonney says:

    acc10x said: “I wonder if the arsonist will be at Tuesday’s meeting? Creepy, but not out of the realm of possibility.”

    I bet he/she WILL be at the meeting. And not that I want the SPD profiling all of us at the meeting, but I certainly hope they — and everyone else for that matter — pay attention to any suspicious behavior by anyone in attendance.

  55. Abonney says:

    Also, does anyone know if the Phinney Neighborhood Association (PNA) is getting involved in tracking down this arsonist? I would think they’d be a great resource for organizing any kind of “citizen patrols.”

  56. MadNeighbor says:

    Someone commented in another thread about capacity issues at Upper Crust. I can image 100 or so people attending this meeting…

    “Are those planning this meeting aware that more people may show up than there’ll be space for at the Upper Crust?

    There’s still a day to get the word about about a change. They might want to shift to something that can hold more people and that could handle overflows better.”

  57. Neighbor says:

    Yea, I had some concerns about Upper Crust having the space to hold this meeting. What about a church opening its doors to house a meeting?

  58. Gwoodgrrl says:

    Or maybe the Mason lodge? Isn’t there one on Greenwood?

  59. time to kick crime out of Greenwood says:

    I was driving out of my place on 85th and Greenwood at around 3:30am this morning to start my day. As I drove down the street I noticed smoke I was thinking it was just fog then I rolled down my window and it smelled like the 4th of July. Thats when a Fire Cruiser pulled up and then from there all the police and fire department came, and to think this was all right under my nose. Maybe if I had left just 10 mins early and was aware of my surroundings would I have seen somthing on my way to the freeway.
    I think Police need to sit in unmarked cars patrolling the back of Buisnesses. I am aslo wondering if this person is getting away quick and lives in the area. They might use a bike its quick less noticable than a car and theres no licence plate. Whoever is doing this must have a really wierd sleep schedule to be setting fires from 11pm to 4am.

  60. R says:

    — Regarding post #46,
    (http://www.komonews.com/internal?st=print&id=4132706&path=/news/archive), posted above, appears to be a copy of (http://www.komonews.com/news/archive/4132706.html), which is NOT from this year.
    Likewise (http://community.seattletimes.nwsource.com/archive/?date=20041126&slug=arsonupdate26m) is from 2004.
    — Regarding post #48,
    (http://www.phinneywood.com/2009/09/09/ballard-restaurant-arsonist-caught-on-camera/) describes the September 7, 2009 fire @ 6416 _ 15th Ave NW (Zesto’s). It may be applicable, as may be this year’s other dumpster fires.
    No one really knows the “count”. We have imagined a boundary within which we assume all arsons to be related, and beyond which we assume all arsons to be unrelated, but it is only an assumption.
    — Regarding post #53,
    Yes, the authorities know to consider that there may be a guilty party in attendance at community meetings on this topic.

  61. Emc says:

    R – both of those were from 2004. The guy who committed the arsons in 2004 in the same area they are happening now, is back in the same area again. Is he doing the same thing? I don’t know–but somebody is.

  62. credo says:

    The stories may not be from this year, but maybe he’s back. Are there any photos of him anywhere that can be compared to the surveillance photos from the September fire?

    And still more burglaries with the patrols going on? This neighborhood’s becoming like the Bronx in the 80s.

  63. Emc says:

    He is back–or at least has been within months. Living again in the area. Can’t find any photos though.

  64. R says:

    Please explain again.
    The articles say that M.M. was a suspect in the 2004 fires. They do not say that M.M. was convicted in the 2004 fires, nor say that M.M is living in the area in 2009. Please provide substantiation for these statements.

  65. Emc says:

    Um – he fled to Canada and after spending time in a facility up there, he was released and was back in Seattle for the past couple years. I’m not sure if he was “convicted” but he was the perpetrator. Due to his acute mental illness/psychosis, perhaps he pled insanity and was let off easier? I don’t know, but he was the person responsible for the 2004 arsons.

    Here is another link with more info:


    I’m not sure what there is as far as criminal records, but I know for a fact he was the person. Is it him again? I do not know. But it seems unbelievable to me that the cops don’t at least have there eye on him. But who knows…

  66. Emc says:

    Gotta go – but I just posted this one above and think this is a key line (I removed the name, but you can find in the link):

    “The burned roofs, plywood-covered windows and missing signs tell only a tiny part of the story, Mary Williams told me. Even the apprehension of the man charged in the B.C. fires isn’t calming news. Williams has heard that (Name) stayed with his mother not too far away, down Phinney Avenue North. And that gives her chills. The ripple effect of such a madly sweeping fire touches so many lives, Williams said.”


  67. jmed says:

    I hope everyone living in Central Greenwood realizes how quickly his actions could turn ugly, and goes to the meeting Tuesday night. Even with patrols running, the guy managed to set 3 fires overnight. They can’t patrol everywhere at once. What we need is significant neighborhood participation. I hope this is stressed at the meeting.
    He can’t hide long if a hundred sets of eyes are looking for him.

  68. SunsetSu says:

    EMC and all,

    I couldn’t find any Internet reports that Mark Morse had ever been charged for or convicted of the 2004 arsons.

    However, I did find a photo of him in a 2004 KOMO story:


    Here’s a link to a report about the arrest of Mark Morse in 2004 for arson in Seattle:


  69. jm says:

    The Greenwood area has been plagued by vandalism for years. Now, it has escalated to arson. The person responsible knows the back alleys and has probably left their tag somewhere along the way. Cracking down on the vandals would have helped to keep the neighborhood from becoming a bombed-out ruin.

  70. As owners of local espresso drive-thru Karma by the Cup (333 NW 85th), we are outraged by this flurry of arsons and share the fears of the entire community.

    Quarterly, our business donates 5% of our profit to a different non-profit/cause, and we will now be donating these funds to the Greenwood Fire Relief Fund.

    Please help us help the community by getting the word out.

    We look forward to meeting you all at the community meeting on Tuesday night.

    Bre, Sarah, & Sarah
    Karma by the Cup

  71. AF says:

    @jm: I know I’m probably opening myself up to criticisms about getting too theoretical on a problem that we all want a practical solution to, but your comment cites (intentionally or not, I don’t know) “the broken window theory”–i.e. that a tolerance of petty crime leads to less petty crime. So I’m agreeing with you–but also pointing out a resource (see the Wikipedia entry, for starters, and Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point for more) for people who might want to quickly dismiss your point. Policing graffiti surely isn’t the answer to this particular problem (at the stage that it’s at), but being a bit more vigilant about our environment surely can’t be a bad long-term strategy.

  72. Emc says:

    Ah – here’s one more link:


    “If (Name) 47, is found not guilty on the arson charges in Canada by reason of mental disorder, he would probably be returned to a mental hospital, St. Pierre said.

    “He would be kept in custody here until a review board determines if he’s fit to be released to the general public,” St. Pierre said. “Once that happens, he’s free to be extradited.”

    That’s pretty much what I understand happened to him and why he’s back in Seattle (Greenwood/Phinney area). Perhaps it’s why there were not too many articles after he was caught. God, I hope it’s not the same guy, because that would be sick if they haven’t kept tabs on him.

  73. AB says:

    What needs to happen is this:
    Get a group of twenty or so citizens together for a patrol in the late hours, and stand watch at every ally and corners of each block, covering most or all of the retail area. Everyone needs to be clearly marked with something that distinguishes them from any other citizens that might be out and about. This needs to happen not once, but several times. Even take shifts to cover the wee hours of the night. We need to do whatever we can. Our neighborhood is falling part.

  74. Visitor says:

    How about a sting operation? Put some tempting flammable materials, gasoline, and matches next to some buildings, sit back, watch, and wait until the arsonist makes his move…

    When this person is caught, they will literally burn in hell.

  75. garrett says:

    I’m going out tonight…

  76. owc says:

    This is awful, obviously. What seems like good evidence that the person who sets these fires is reading this blog is that they set the wall of Olive You on fire, and that’s one of the places listed as having a neighborhood meeting / patrol on Nov 21 in earlier posts here. That’s not cool. Whoever this person is, I hope they’re caught for making your town hot. It’s almost like they have a vendetta against the whole town, or some serious problem. Best wishes.

  77. PissedPoppa says:

    How can this not be the same guy? It’s on 65th during the “cooling off” period.


  78. allison says:

    I can’t friggin’ sleep at night anymore….

  79. Lacey says:

    I’ve never been to the Upper Crust space but, in addition to being inaccesible, packing a crowd into a room on the upper floor of an old building with probably limited escape routes, for a well publicised meeting re the Greenwood arsons, reminds me of a bad horror movie. Granted I’m a worrier with an active imagination.
    The Greenwood Library has a meeting room, but might not be big enough.

  80. SPG says:

    One thing that I’m curious about is how are people who are going out to do vigilante patrols going to avoid vigilante-ing each other?

  81. RidgeDweller says:

    Yes, let’s please move the meeting to a place that is ADA compliant for a neighborhood meeting. Our neighbors with disabilities need to be able to attend this meeting.

  82. Danimal says:

    I am planning on going out tonight to do a patrol…. I hope this guy is caught, we need to carry cameras and be very vigilant and document everything that we see… does any one have a 12 gauge I can borrow???

  83. Weenie D says:

    OMG! Lacey! “I’ve never been to the Upper Crust space but, in addition to being inaccesible, packing a crowd into a room on the upper floor of an old building with probably limited escape routes, for a well publicised meeting re the Greenwood arsons, reminds me of a bad horror movie. Granted I’m a worrier with an active imagination.
    The Greenwood Library has a meeting room, but might not be big enough.”

    I was totally thinking the same thing!!!! And weirdly my name is also Lacey….. CREEPY!

    But in all seriousness, we really do need to make this accessible to all members of the community, as well as ensure there is enough space for all of us. After all, no one can sleep soundly at night until this stops. I worry not just about my own place going up in flames, but that of the neighborhood businesses I know and love. It takes a lot of time, stress, love and $$ to start a small business, it is rediculous that this terd is getting away with destroying something so many have put their all into. It is time for him (her?) to burn.

  84. Phinney Greenlake Resident says:

    A local church or one of the church basements might be a good spot for a large meeting.

    There have been many unexplained (or seemingly unexplained fires in Ballard, Greenlake and Greenwood since the early 1980’s. Perhaps there is a relationship.

  85. Phinney Greenlake Resident says:

    For those having a difficult time sleeping at night: make sure your smoke detector batteries are new.

    Everyone should really do the same, knowing you have a warning system if there is a fire from any cause is commonsense.

  86. R says:

    Blog administrative comment…
    The “Emc, Please explain again… ” posting listed as “Nov 9, 2009 at 2:10 pm” actually posted @ ~1:20pm, which is why the 1:25pm comment is responding to it.