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Naked City Taphouse

April 5th, 2009 · Comments

Naked City Taphouse (Brewery, full bar)
8564 Greenwood Ave N
(between 85th St & 87th St)
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 838-6299

Yelp: “…Lots of beer choices and very knowledgeable staff to help explain what the different beers are…”

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  1. Trix says:

    Good food! Very nice and patient bartenders to explain every brew in detail. No table service usually, but the bar staff is quick and efficient.

  2. green'hood says:

    The best thing to happen to Greenwood. Great beer, delicious food, smart staff–I can’t say enough good things about Naked City. Love it!

  3. Jakey says:

    We’ve been twice, and had friendly table service both times. The beer selection is diverse and interesting, and the food was very good both times.

  4. Mike says:

    The beer selection is great and they do seem to really know something about what they’re pouring. The food menu also seems to be growing each time we look. The food isn’t anything too fancy but it has been good and at reasonable prices relative to the rest of the neighborhood.

  5. Paul says:

    This place is puzzling to me. Good beers, but the food is awful. The dining room/bar is awkward and uncomfortable.

  6. snoopy says:

    I agree on the environment. Its very uncomfortable and after 1 beer i decided to move on.

  7. Trix says:

    It would be very helpful if those complaining about it being uncomfortable could be specific. I’ve never been uncomfortable in here but I usually cage a seat at the bar.

  8. tsombrero says:

    Great beer selection, lots of new stuff to try! I’m tall-ish so I like barstools. I found it super comfy. Also… try the vegan paté. It’s good I promise. I hope they stick around. Have two pints at NC then hit the Barinof.

  9. Sharon says:

    Decent vibe, incredible beer list, so-so food. I know they are working with a tiny kitchen, but like Pig n Whistle up the road, it feels like it is trying a little too hard in the menu department. Balance the menu with some more traditional pub fare, sharable plates, and you have a winner. Ever considered some tapas type options? I am thinking a trio of dips with some toasted flatbread wouldn’t tax the kitchen and would be snapped up with regularity. When I am out drinking with friends, we usually like to snack as a group as well. This menu doesn’t really offer that (and no, we didn’t come to drink beers and eat pickled hop shoots, thanks). You can have it both ways, truly. Makes me miss Six Degrees down on Greenlake–they had that perfect balance!

  10. Wyeth says:

    Wonderful selection, great staff. Now, about the food and the atmosphere…

  11. Number Six says:

    liked the atmosphere, menu was overpriced and beers a bit the same. The app plate we got was way expensive for what you get (something like 3 pieces of cured meat?)

    but it’s got potential, definitely…

  12. Eh says:

    Waited 20 minutes, not one member of the staff stopped to ask if I wanted anything let alone acknowledge I was there and they were not even busy. Completely un-impressed. I left without ordering.

  13. Patrick says:

    I agree with Paul up above – best beer selection in Greenwood (Prost a near second) but having tried a lot of the menu, there’s nothing I’d want to order again. And the ambiance is not awesome. I really like NCBC but I feel like it’s over-popular and the lack of anything to eat has convinced me to give Pillager’s a second chance and I’ve learned I like them about equal.

  14. Pedro says:

    OMG 9 $ for a plain salad !!! never never never again !!!!!!

  15. Anna says:

    I don’t know why people are complaining about the atmosphere? What’s wrong with it? It’s cozy, most of the staff is outstanding, and service is quick. The beer selection is plentiful and always changing, so I can always find something I like. The prices, especially for their own brews, are very reasonable.

    My only complaint about Naked City is that it’s impossible to find a seat until 10pm on a weekend. But even so, I can’t complain about it, given all the positive things about this place. My friends and I are still here at least once a week.

  16. Hinto says:

    Naked City is awesome, an asset to the community. The food has gotten continuously better and now there are some real gems on the menu. They keep their beer tap selections very engaging, their bartenders are smart and friendly. They also update their selections on twitter which is extremely helpful.

    They don’t pull the bait-and-switch , or outdated updating, of their selection like I’ve seen other places try and pull over on customers (saying that have a particular tap when they really do not).

    I think the people that have had some bad experiences have caught Naked City when it’s extremely busy and this happens. To their credit, they do very well in the super busy times, for example when there is a popular tap selection that draws everyone into the store.

    I don’t know what all this about atmosphere is. I don’t need some fake british trinkets on the wall or some moose head or something to make me feel the place is genuine. This place is about beer, they do excellent work presenting and selling beer. If you like beer… you will love Naked City.

  17. hiker guy says:

    Used to be a long time regular of this place as I used to love beer (now am sober). The first 30 or so times I went into the place it was fantastic. Great beer (very pricey but good). Food is completely out of touch with a place that purely serves beer and wine. Atmosphere is pretty good. Although the staff will get mad at you and have thrown people out for talking too loudly which in a bar seems a little silly.

    My biggest complaint I’ve found is being overcharged for things. I’ve either had them charge my card for a dollar or two more than I’ve CLEARLY authorized or I’ve seen them not keep proper track and charge me for 3 beers instead of the 2 I had. In fact got into it one night with the owner over being overcharged. She asked for witnesses of how many beers I had and I just threw her the money and left.

    Naked City is an okay beer joint. If you like beer, eat first, pay in cash/per beer, and don’t expect to have a ton of fun. Unless you are an AARP member.

  18. seattlefarmer says:

    hiker guy, you are an alcoholic and you think you can count your drinks better than the sober guy/gal behind the counter serving you? Its good you are sober now. It should be easier to count those diet cokes.

  19. a.j. says:

    Beer selection is good, but if you’re interested in eating decent food, don’t go here. I went here with some out-of-town friends who were excited about the vegetarian options on the menu posted outside. I ordered the BBQ chicken sandwich. For $10+ I got some grayish cubes of chicken on a huge loaf of bread. The chicken looked like it came frozen, they thawed it in the microwave, dumped in on the bread, squeezed on BBQ sauce on it and charged me $10 for something I could have got at 7-11 for $2.99. They also forgot to put the coleslaw on it, as advertised. With all the other competing pubs in the neighborhood, I will never go to Naked City again. The tater tots at Pillager’s Pub across the street are a much better value than Naked City. Blech.

  20. greenwoodBrewer says:

    I’m always amazed at seeing bad reviews at my favorite places, but I understand everyone experiences these things differently. Even with that said, @hikerguy: the owners of Naked City are both male…so not sure where you ended up, the Baranof perhaps? 😉

    One should go to NC for certain things, which are the fantastic beer selection (both tap and bottled), sampling of their own beers they brew on-premises, their involvement in the brewing community, the incredibly nice and knowledgeable staff, the food which is always improving, and last but not least: the new fryer (they make their own fries and they are the best). If you do want sloppy pub/tav food (and there’s nothing wrong with that…I’ve had my cheese-chili-tatertot moments), this is not really the place.

    Combine all the above with events like the Think & Drink where speakers talk of intellectual and philosophical interests while you grub n’ drink, brewers nights, and even movies in their big room…and its no wonder why Naked City has long been my absolute favorite pub.