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Luisa’s Mexican Grill

April 5th, 2009 · Comments

Luisa’s Mexican Grill (Mexican)
9747 4th Ave. NW
Seattle, WA 98117
(206) 784-4132


Yelp: “…friendly, they hook you up with freshly made tortillas while you wait for a…”

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  1. Phinneyman says:

    La comida mexicana mas autentica en este lado de la Cuidad Seattle. I’m from Los Angeles and San Francisco, where taquerias are abundant and the competition for mexican food is stiff. Luisa’s is perhaps the most authentic mexican food restaurant in the Greenwood/Crown Hill area and its dishes rival those of many family-friendly Mexican restaurants I’ve visited. The service is fast. The dishes are straighforward and tasty. The portions are generous. And the online coupon makes dinner an easy and affordable option. Bring your ninos and ninas. The staff and atmosphere make this place my son’s favorite restaurant. If you’re hungry, go with the combinaciones — muy sabroso! Not sure about desserts in part because I’m too full to try any.

  2. Newmy says:

    Great service, nice atmosphere, great selections. Some of the dishes can be very bland.

  3. Nana Babs says:

    This is a wonderful neighborhood restaurant. We call it our second kitchen and have been going there for many years. I echo all the comments by Phinneyman

  4. Stinky Larue says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s really ‘authentic’ Mexican food, but they have the best enchiladas verdes I’ve ever had. The rice, beans and side salad are also really good.

  5. Angel says:

    Luisa’s in Greenwood is far better than the Luisa’s in Greenlake.
    It has the best owner, the staff is really friendly and they will treat you right there.
    Their Avocado Tostadas are to die for….
    Their coupons are good too…..

  6. MissStereo says:

    We just had one of the worst, most disgusting meals at Luisa’s last week. Undercooked, cold, bland but sour, fizzy sauce. Simply terrible. I will never, ever go back there. Ever.

  7. Northender says:

    I’ve taken my family here in the past; food is bland and boring. I like the fresh tortilla for the kids and would love to make this a regular stop but until they upgrade the ingredients I can’t recommend it.