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Ed’s Kort Haus

April 5th, 2009 · Comments

Ed’s Kort Haus (Full bar, exotic meat burgers)
6732 Greenwood Ave. N (map)
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: (206) 782-3575
CitySearch: “The nondescript brick building on Phinney Ridge belies the plethora of tavernly delights within.”
Seattle Weekly: “In many ways, Ed’s Kort Haus is a quintessential Seattle dive. It’s dark and spacious, with a pool table and horseshoe bar…” 
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  1. StuckHere says:

    No Comments? This place is hole and exactly what the ridge needs more of.

  2. Trix says:

    Sure, why not? This is a lovely little dive with good food and a decent jukebox. What more do you need?
    It can be a little dark, but the big back outside deck is there if you eyes have trouble adjusting inside.
    Beware the bathroom. 😉

  3. 2ndhandgiantdwarf says:

    Lived almost across the street for years, “This place is hole and exactly what the ridge needs more of” I couldn’t agree more!! What a dank dump – I love this place! Gross bar food, cheap beers, spacious pool table, what else does a guy need in a neighborhood dive bar? While we are at it can we knock down the “fini” or whatever and bring back the auto body shop??

  4. Aaaarrrggh says:

    Ed’s is one of the reasons I love Phinney Ridge! Where else can you get the perfect neighborhood dive bar next door to a quality restaurant like the Stumbling Goat, opposite a great deli like Picnic? Throw in El Chupa, Red Mill and Oliver’s Twist and you have an adult gastronomical theme park in a 100 yard radius. I hope Ed lives forever!

  5. OnTheGreen says:

    Well dang it. Used to love this place – dive atmosphere with dive prices. But the last two times I’ve been, it was completely dead, and good ol’ Ed was charging SIX BUCKS a pint. That is Belltown pricing, and he’s not the only game in town when it comes to Big Buck Hunter and pool (Bleachers). Sorry Ed, but I can’t afford your bar anymore (never thought I’d say THAT about this place!).