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Chocolati Cafe

April 5th, 2009 · Comments

Chocolati Cafe (Coffee, chocolates)
8319 Greenwood Avenue North
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 783-7078

Yelp: “Talk about a chocolate orgasm in a cup…”

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  1. petsfriend says:

    I wouldn’t recommend this place. It’s very “clubby” and if you’re not one of the regulars you can expect to be pretty much tolerated vs. being treated well. The chocolate drinks are great, but it’s not worth putting up w/the ‘tude to get one. It’s too bad.

  2. VJ says:

    We find the staff pleasant enough…and over time, you DO become a “regular” ( We need coffee, not instant friendship…) It’s cozy. The quality is reliable. We wish it were a tad bigger, as we do not like to eavesdrop.

  3. Rob says:

    Recent development – this Chocolati has tripled its space. They did a nice job, and it’s now a great place to sit. Since it’s down the block from me, it’s not bad to find out that they have the best price I’ve found in the neighborhood for a pretty good americano. I like it!

  4. Courtney says:

    The new space is fantastic, and I love it. There’s room to spread out and get settled, the drinks are great (and the staff generous with samples when they make a little too much frozen
    chocolatey goodness) and it’s quiet enough that you won’t be disturbed by other customers.

    Criticizing it for being “clubby” is a bit silly- any place you go regularly, the barista/bartender/waitstaff is going to know you and chat with you more than a person just off the street. I’ve never known the staff at Chocolati to be anything other than welcoming to the customers, no matter how well they know the people. It could be two months since I last visited, and they still remember and treat me kindly. Great chocolate, great shop.

  5. chefe eleni says:

    We visit chocolatis ones or two times a day, my staff and customers we get great coffee and the great dark chocolate treatment. The staff welcomes you as soon as you come trough the door and that reminds me of the European coffee shops which are warm and elegant.
    I encourage everyone to go and get a chocolati treatment.
    Now they started MONDAY NIGHT MOVIE showing…

  6. john says:

    we waited a long time to buy candy but one of the women working there just kept talking to a patron. they also waited on a person behind us. we decided to leave and as we left another employee said “let them leave patience is a virtue.” it may be, but we hardly needed to be insulted as we left. we had waited 5 minutes and just had to go

  7. Kevin says:

    I have to agree with the poor service, I went in there with a friend and he ordered his chocolates, after which the snappy barista turned to me and quipped “are you going to want something too because I really don’t feel like having to put on a glove again”.

    Shocking that a company with so many local locations doesn’t have any sort of customer service training, it’s apparent reading reviews these aren’t isolated incidents, wish someone would read these and fix the problems!

  8. AR says:

    I took my four-year old daughter to Chocolati Greenwood a few weeks ago and had an awful time. After seating her in the middle room, I looked up and saw, right above her head, a “painting” of blood-splattered characters holding blood splattered butcher knives, meat cleavers, and other weapons. As a parent, I was appalled to think of my daughter seeing this. As an adult and an artist, I was disgusted.

    I’d been going to Chocolati only because it’s near my daughter’s dance class. Every time, I’ve had mediocre and sometimes shoddy service: looooong wait times, even when there are multiple baristas and cashiers at work; bitter coffee; overpriced drinks (really, nearly $5 for a cup of green tea?); adult hot chocolate where the flavors collide but never merge, and the sludgy chocolate is bland; kids’ hot chocolate too hot for kids; and chocolate milk that was mud-like. I had coupons for the place; my daughter liked the creaky, stained and thread-bare armchairs (they spin); it was convenient; and I thought it was a reasonable place to take a child, but no more.

    Chocolati Greenwood is inviting families into their store with a kid’s menu, but they are indifferent to the atmosphere they’re providing for children and families. It took a Herculean effort to contact the store’s owner and the manager (lots and lots of emails and unreturned phone calls over a few weeks), but in the end, they said they liked the picture. What’s next on their walls? Child pornography? Snuff flicks?