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Manna Texas Style Smoked BBQ

March 29th, 2009 · Comments

Manna Texas Style Smoked BBQ (Barbecue)
10410 Holman Road N (map)
Seattle, WA 98133
(206) 782-5491

Yelp: “The meat is perfectly smoked and finished off with a great sauce…”
Urban Spoon: “Texas style all the way, with good sides…”

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  1. Jakey says:

    The pulled pork sandwiches here are some of the best in town, the potato salad, beans and slaw are also all good (put the slaw in the sandwich). And they make a delicious pecan pie, too!

    The owners are Korean, but don’t think that means they don’t know Texas style bbq! Give it a try!

    Parking is a bit tougher now with the new Snoose Junction next door, but Manna’s not really a place for a sit down meal unless you’re stopping in on your lunch break with the local area laborers. They do take out orders just fine too.

  2. From the outside this doesn’t look like a promising BBQ joint — it’s in a small strip mall, with no big smoker visible, and a little too neat. But the proof is in the tasting, and this BBQ lover considers Manna as good as any BBQ in the greater Seattle area. Try the pork sandwich, and I promise you’ll be going back.

  3. StephenC says:

    OK, so I grew up in Texas, Georgia, and Tennessee, and have eaten BBQ across the South all my life. After 5 years of trying different BBQ places in Seattle, Manna’s BBQ is the only place that I’ll go on the occassions when I don’t have the time/energy make my own BBQ in my smoker. While their sauce is good (I like the “hot” version), it is the meat alone that BBQ restaurants have to be judged on. Their meat is smoked nicely, with full flavor but not dried out. The only place that comes close is the Frontier Room in Belltown, but you’ll pay 2-3x more and, well, you have to go to Belltown. And Jakey has got it right: you put the slaw in your pulled pork sandwich. Don’t be a Yankee and order potato salad at a BBQ joint.

  4. Michael says:

    “The owners are Korean, but don’t think that means they don’t know Texas style bbq!”

    No, having pulled pork on the menu means they don’t know Texas-style barbecue.

  5. Aaron says:

    This BBQ is damn good…..

  6. quat says:

    The owners used to have a BBQ in Fremont. Best thing around. When it disappeared 15 years ago, I was so sad. Imagine my surprise when I walked into this little place and there they were! They remembered me, too!! They still rock. I love this place. It and Gabriel’s Fire in Ballard are the best BBQ around, in my opinion.

  7. Xythen says:

    I wanted to like this place; it smells divine. Unfortunately, the small portion of unexceptional beef brisket I got was drenched in a puddle of what tasted like Kraft BBQ sauce with even more added sugar and a pinch of chili powder. The sides were mediocre.

  8. carol says:

    we have been taking out ribs from here for years and years, even when they were in Fremont. This is the best BBQ pork ribs in the world