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Yanni’s Greek Cuisine

September 19th, 2008 · Comments

Yanni’s Greek Cuisine (Greek)
7419 Greenwood Ave N (map)
(206) 783-6945

IGoUGo: “From the Spit-Roasted Chicken to the Gyros Platter to the house salad dressing, every dish served here gets its share of garlic…”
Seattle Weekly: “Many, many great versions of Greek favorites…”

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  1. etta says:

    Am I the only one who’s worried about the empty Yanni’s I see almost every evening?

  2. Peter says:

    Never ever call in a take out order from this place. They wait until you get there before even starting on it. I tried a couple of times and got tired of waiting 30 minutes for an order. Screw ’em.

  3. 2ndhandgiantdwarf says:

    I used to tell people “YANNI” (as in Ramtha’s ex boyfriend) owned this restaurant and would always get a laugh when I would hear someone else around town at random go “hey I heard YANNI owns a restaurant up on Greenwood!!” Anyway only ate here a few times but the dine-in experience was fine. Girlfriend thought the dolmades were kind of weird (prepared differently than shes used to) otherwise no complaint here

  4. Laura Doyle says:

    I really liked it . Has been a while but I’ll get in there to help fill up the place.

  5. Jenny G. says:

    Best Greek Food in town! Just be sure you don’t have anywhere to be, because it the service is not speedy, but the food is freshly cooked and worth the wait! Love, love, love the potatoes!

  6. quat says:

    The service was so slow the last time we went in that people were getting up and leaving. Seriously. Like AN HOUR before we got our food. The waitress brought us some free wine so we wouldn’t get disgruntled. Nice gesture, but an hour?! Did the cook forget to show up? The food was fine, if you can wait for it.

  7. Anne says:

    Food was good, service was sh**. We went during happy hour and were given dinner menus instead of the happy hour menu. When I asked for a happy hour menu, the waitress turned and walked away, slapped a happy hour menu on the table, and walked away without a word. She was incredibly rude from that point on. Despite the good food we will not be back because of the terrible service. I would save your money and go to Olive You or Mr. Gyros where the food and service is much better.

  8. Jane says:

    Yanni’s – rude, rude, rude, rude. Not worth the hour+ wait for the food.

  9. SunsetSu says:

    Terrible, terrible service. Had to get up and leave after an hour, and was criticized by the waitstaff. “This is not fast food! This is slow food.! They weren’t kidding.

  10. Quinn says:

    I have never had a bad expierience at yannis. Yes the food takes longer then most restaurants but its because it is made fresh when you order it. The service was good too. The waitstaff is welcoming and friendly and everyone I have sent to yannis says the same! By far the best greek food in seattle.

  11. mary says:

    Wow what a nice surprise! Girls night out all martinis 6.50 all night. The food was great and the service very friendly (mother daughter wait staff) truely a family operated restaurant. Can’t wait to go back with my family! Thanks Yannis

  12. Sara W. says:

    I have to say I am sad to see all the negative remarks from people, my stonach will always have a craving for Yanni’s!!! The food might not be quick, however it is always worth the wait! As for the severs, the family is very nice and always willing to suggest new flavors for my tastebuds! For the negative reviewers, BACKOFF and GO TO WHAT YOU THINK IS “GOOD GREEK FOOD” BUT I PROMISE YOU, YOU WILL BE LET DOWN! Keep it up Yanni’s and I will see you soon! Thank you.

  13. Terry says:

    We have been going to Yannis since they first opened and will always go back and take friends and family when they visit. It says right on the menu that the food is prepared to order and enjoy the wait. Don’t just enjoy the wait but enjoy your company and the family that owns Yannis. We are always welcomed and given attention. In Greece, the family likes their guests to stop by the kitchen and say hello and get to know them. Well, this family is from Greece so get your butt into the kitchen and say hi to Peter, Yanni’s son, and Elise, Peter’s daughter. Waiting tables usually is Teriya, Peter’s daughter and Karen, Peter’s wife. It’s the neighborhood so relax. Your not waiting to get to the theater.

  14. siegmeister says:

    I have always found Yanni’s a relaxing place to eat. Tonight we had to be finished at a certain time. Because of all the comments about it taking so long, we told our waitress our constraint and consulted with her before ordering; she told us she thought one dish might take too long, so we didn’t order it. We had a great dinner, the wait staff was very helpful, and we finished on time.

  15. Rod says:

    Terrible terrible service. We went in one after noon a couple of years ago and were almost ignored completely. It as weird actually given that we were a table of 8! It was as if they were refusing to serve us. Finally they started to come around but what a ridiculous way to treat customers. I don’t remember the food, just the service. It was as if the cook called in sick or something, sloooow and no apologies or admission of any kind. I will never go back nor give any recommendation but to stay away.

  16. KP says:

    Love, love Yanni’s. Hard to imagine what will happen after the KN remake this week. The only possible improvements would be to speed up service a bit and get rid of belly dancer on Saturdays. The food and people are top-notch, so I hope the changes are minimal.

  17. A-bomb says:

    Post KN.
    The old menu has been gutted and new items did not shine. Reminds me of a chain restaurant. Please bring back the old menu.