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Stumbling Goat Bistro

September 19th, 2008 · Comments

Stumbling Goat Bistro (American)
6722 Greenwood Ave N. (map)
(206) 784-3535

CitySearch: “This cozy neighborhood bistro gets comfort food right…”
Seattle Magazine: “Juicy pan-roasted chicken, vibrant salads and a recently expanded, well-priced wine list…”

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  1. Ballard Boy says:

    My last meal here was excellent! The best part were the Wagyu beef sliders. Oh, my, gawd! On homemade buns with a onion marmalade were soooo good I still think about them.

  2. seattle mike says:

    Hands down, this is the best restaurant on the Ridge. It’s our special place to go to celebrate (it’s too pricey to go very often). The menu is limited but that’s because the dishes are always seasonal and local. I don’t think we’ve ever gone wrong with anything we’ve ordered there. And the ambiance is wonderful – very European. And the service is a joy.

  3. Laurel says:

    This is my favorite restaurant in the city – hands down. I always look forward to having an occasion to go!

  4. Renee says:

    My husband and I went here because of all the good reviews and were sadly disappointed. The food was mediocre and the space seemed a bit worn and dirty. The tab was amazingly high – especially for the quality of the food. Tilth is a million times better – and it seems to cost at least a third less.

  5. a says:

    There is only one bad thing to say about this place. It’s too hot inside. 80+ degrees, every time.

    Other than that – perfection.

    Owners… are you listening?

  6. Dan says:

    When I want to bring visitors from out of town to a ‘neighborhood place’ away from downtown where I know the food, ambiance and service will blow them away – I bring them to the ‘goat. One of the best places in town – with amazing food that they still talk about. Never stop serving the chicken and garlic mashed potatoes!

  7. amh98103 says:

    The Happy Hour menu is great. Wonderful Martinis! Enchantress Lounge is very cozy and nicely decorated.

  8. once burned says:

    I’m glad it’s under new ownership. When last there, they set my wife’s head on fire. really.

    We were complimenting the owner on the ceiling treatment in the small bar. She directed our attention to some detail above. Regrettably, they had placed candles right at hair-height. By the time I heard the crackling and turned to look, the owner was hitting my wife on the head with a menu (just fanning the flames). Just as I reached for my water glass, another patron grabbed my wife’s hair with his napkin extinguishing the flames. The hair burned to within a cm of her scalp.

    I bought his dessert. The owner uttered an “oh my” and that was about it. Perhaps she was afraid that an apology would imply liability.

    Weeks later, walking by, we noticed candles were still in the same place. wow.

    We may come in now that there are new (more responsible?) owners. It will be hard, though.

  9. Josh says:

    We were sorry to see that SG changed ownership. Our favorite special meal place on the ridge. On a couple occasions, we had miscommunication with our server (at least as much our fault), but they always went far out of their way to ensure our experience was a positive one.

    I have nothing but good things to say about the food and the hospitality here.

  10. Aka says:

    Finally tried out the new ownership. It was o.k.. I was rather surprised that $25.00 got me a chicken breast and thigh, two ” oven roasted” tomato pieces ( tasted like canned tomatoes, no char in sight) and three cloves of garlic. The chicken was moist but flesh was under seasoned. The skin was nice and crisp and seasoned. Our server was pleasant, otherwise I found the reception cool. Overall the ambience and staff lacked the warmth I had become accustomed to at the Goat.

  11. Laura Doyle says:

    Never had a bad meal here. I really love the lamb shank!

  12. Hinto says:

    Ahh Stumbling Goat. What a fantastic neighborhood gem. We always look forward to dining here. The staff remembers us even though we’re there no more often than once a month and we’re treated as friends. The drinks are delicious and the chef is meticulous about the meals. Quality control is high and ultimately, the meals are delicious and make you happy.

    Mmm.. just writing about the goat is making my mouth water.

  13. Ballard Jesus says:

    Great happy hour. Pork Belly BLT. What more do you want? The Calamari is solid too.