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El Chupacabra

September 19th, 2008 · Comments

El Chupacabra (Mexican)
6711 Greenwood Ave N (map)
(206) 706-4889

CitySearch: “Bargain burritos, a rockin’ juke box, and margaritas from scratch…”
NWSource: “Burritos that stop just shy of being too heavy and too spicy…”

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  1. CJP says:

    Decent, cheap mexican food. ( Not that common in Seattle…) Service isn’t always the friendliest, but the margaritas are tasty.

  2. Squirrel Girl says:

    Good food. Good Margaritas. Not too expensive. I just wish I felt cool enough to go there.

  3. js says:

    This place is a joke.

  4. Trix says:

    Yummy food for the price. Hard to get good, cheap, filling food in this town these days. Only been in once, though I thought our server was a real sweetie. Or maybe that’s the margarita talking.

  5. Lisa says:

    Bad service, okay food, music is way too loud.

  6. etta says:

    They know how to make a delicious, trad margarita.

  7. 2ndhandgiantdwarf says:

    Hey that used to be my house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 2ndhandgiantdwarf says:

    WHO are all you freaks drinking in my living room??? GTFO my house! lmao

  9. Sharon says:

    Not the best service–very spotty and usually brusque and seeminglyirritated–but we don’t go there for the service. It’s meant to be kinda bad-a$$, from the decor the juke box. So think of it as a theme. Ha!
    Cheap yummy Mexican food, strong margaritas, and heavy metal juke box. Good times.

  10. Haasch says:

    Great food; poor service. After reading the other comments, I will try the margarita next time.

  11. Hervon Ruten Schtuen says:

    A Portland restaurant in Seattle. Music is way too loud. Food’s good, though probably not the Mexican you’re used to. Drinks are strong. Bar is fun. Servers are baked. It’s a great thing to have in Phinneywood, where, for years, the tone was set by the abysmal Santa Fe Cafe and the greybeards who make it possible for that monument to blandness to stay open.

  12. Hinto says:

    I wish we had a decent mexican place on The Ridge. This place certainly isn’t it. It does produce copious amounts of drunk people though, that’s about it.

  13. Ann says:

    I was really disappointed by this place. Food did not taste or look fresh and the drinks were watery. We had the mojitos, maybe the margaritas are better. There were only 2 people to wait on and bus the restaurant and food came out cold. Overall not worth it.

  14. robert o says:

    bunch of arrogant jerks IMHO. food was crap too.

  15. Kari says:

    I love Cupacabra! The food and drinks are soooo good and their servers work well with the atomoshpere. Yes, it is a bit rough inside, but I am so happy there is still some cultural variety in this city.

  16. shutuphippie says:

    For my money the best burrito in town, and trust me I’ve tried almost all of them. Being a proud California native, it finally felt like something I could get down there. Haven’t tried anything else other than the torta, which was a bit different, but still great.

  17. Chancho says:

    The Poppers are amazing and the drinks are decent. The staff is lame. They act all hard core
    and put out by customers who don’t have 30 facial piercings.

  18. EnchiladaGirl says:

    I took some out of town friends who happen to be vegetarian there for lunch a few weeks ago. The service was great – friendly and attentive but not overbearing. The food was REALLY yummy too. I, of course, had the enchiladas – which were so good! I think I’ll order the vegan “chicken” in my enchiladas next time I’m there…they looked really good!

  19. Don B. Sea says:

    I’d give five (5) stars for the catagory that this restaurant/bar is in. I’m a 61 year old guy that finds ElChupracabra to be a great place to eat/drink, spend times with a friend or two.

    The food is made from fresh ingredents and is not full of salt. The drinks are very good, and the three different salsas they make themselves are VERY GOOD. Could be hotter IMHO, but very good none the less.

    I’ve not had any of the staff be less than courtious and plesant in my exchanges with them.

    Over time I have observed that when it’s sunny outside, the restaurant interior and the outside deck can be PACKED! And even with a line around the side of the deck and out to the city sidewalk, the wait staff has been, at the WORST of times “courtious & efficient.”

    On a couple occasions I have had the ability to watch some couples, or a table full of folks, where the females all “looked like” Junior League Wanna-be’s. Get the picture?

    Dressed in very nice Bellevue Square clothing, with lots of expertly applyed make-up, perfectly done hair, and I swear to God… pearl necklaces and earrings on these women.

    I’d expect to see this look in the Georgian Room down at the Olympic Four Seasons Hotel downtown… not on the deck at El Chupracabra in Greenwood. The women were anywhere from late 20’s to mid 50’s, and they all appeared as if they were having a good time and enjoying the food and the company they were with.

    So any and all types of folks can enjoy this place, not just the peirced and tats crowd.

    I’m just saying…