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Chef Liao

September 19th, 2008 · Comments

Chef Liao (Chinese)
6012 Phinney Ave N. (map)
(206) 789-6441

NWSource: ” The pork potstickers are absolutely world-class…”

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  1. Phinney Resident says:

    I’m sorry but there are rats all over this restaurant. I will never eat there again until they get the rat situation under control.

  2. Akacoral says:

    according to dept of health inspections there is no mention of rodents since 2006. Food is fresh and restaurant clean.

  3. Phinney Resident says:

    I witnessed the rats, and I had heard it before, in the ceiling. Rats jumped down from the ceiling, into the kitchen, two of them, and they were huge. I did report it to the health department. I have nothing against this place , I would eat there all the time until I saw the rats.

    Believe what you will.

  4. josephina says:

    Rats leave droppings and if this restaurant is “infested” or even had a rat or two, the evidence would be there for the health inspectors to see. There is no mention of rodents in the health department reports.
    The food at this restaurant is wonderful, especially the phad thai. It would be a shame to not give it try based on one person’s opinion.

  5. jade says:

    We try and eat at Chef Liao at least once a week. They are a nice family and have the best Chinese food outside of the ID. We are really lucky to have this restaurant in our neighborhood. Too bad the building is slated for condo development. We have never seen rats and wouldn’t be surprised if that was a nasty rumor.

  6. jade says:

    Good news! The comment period for condo development has been extended to January 21, 2009. Also, there is a petition we can all sign when while we visit our favorite businesses (hopefully not for the last time!). Please continue to send your comments to Catherine.McCoy@seattle.gov

  7. jade says:

    Help save Chef Liao!

    A Design Review recommendation meeting for this project has been scheduled for this project.

    Monday, February 23 at 6:30 pm
    Ballard High School Library

    All are welcome. Let’s help shape our neighborhood for the better!

  8. john walker's workshop says:

    could you call me please at 206 789 6800 about the unfair rat comments in the chef liao restaurant reviews. thanks.

  9. john walker's workshop says:

    well, doree called me and what’s posted stays, unfortunately. “phinney resident’s” cowardly, anonymous postings are obviously a personal vendetta and he/she should be ashamed of posting such trash. this restaurant is very clean, the people there are wonderful and the food is the best in town. anyone who hasn’t stopped in is missing out on a treat.

  10. josephina says:

    Thank you John Walker’s Workshop! Is it a coincidence that the building is under consideration for redevelopment and then someone spreads a nasty and unsubstantiated rumor about a rodent problem?
    The owners are a wonderful family. The food is fabulous; the best in town. I hope they can find a place in the neighborhood if they get booted or we all will really be missing out.

  11. davidontheridge says:

    could not agree more with John Walker and josephina–fantastic food and friendly people….

  12. erica says:

    Does anyone know if their vegetable/tofu dishes are vegetarian? I’m concerned about oyster sauce / chicken stock / fish sauce, etc. and haven’t been able to get a clear answer from the people working there.

    Any info would be appreciated! Thanks!

  13. Aka says:

    One of the staff told me he thought they would be able to stay at that location for two more years. Hooray!

  14. phinneyite says:

    Good tasting food, attentive service, family friendly atmosphere.

  15. Haasch says:

    Great food at a fair cost = very good value. We love it!

  16. StuS says:

    We stopped in after a rainy afternoon at the Zoo, just wanting bowls of soup. But the menu was so enticing, we ordered two dishes besides two bowls of their noodle soup — way too much food and we were eating it at home for days. Lovely quality and nice folks.

  17. Ladybird says:

    I love Chef Liao. They are the sweetest family, and the “honey walnut prawns” are to die for. Best Chinese/pan-asian north of the ID.

  18. The only complaint I have is that Chef Liao has so many choices that are exceptional, it’s impossible not to order too much. But taking home the left overs solves it. Thanks Chef Liao, for being in our neighborhood.

  19. Suzie says:

    I would LOVE to try this place! I have always wondered what it was like.

  20. FlyLowBeCool says:

    Great family serving great food AND they remember your name. If there’s something you want that’s not on the menu, ask them if they’ll make it for you and you just might be pleasantly surprised. I don’t eat out often, but when I do, I go to Chef Liao’s.

  21. SunsetSu says:

    Based on the good recommendations on this blog, I ate there a few weeks ago. The food was delicious and reasonably priced. I will go there again.

  22. LisaG says:

    We love their delivery service! They say 45 minutes but it’s with you in 20 – amazing. And its sooo good too. We love our leftovers!

  23. robert o says:

    i never get tired of their menu. so many things to try. i’m stuck on the chicken phad thai for lunch at the moment.

  24. Karen says:

    Love this place. Great food!

    Didn’t know they delivered….now I do!

  25. Carolyn says:

    My husband and I frequently get incredible take out from thisfabulous restaurant. Chicken Phad Thai, Summer Salad Roll and Pot Stickers are a few of my personal favorites. It is very clean and the food is always fresh!

  26. Don S says:

    We Ate there last night, it was outstanding

  27. Ballard Jesus says:

    Typically boring Americanized Chinee food. Leftovers seemed to be surrounded by some gelatinous creature. Barely edible. And delivery time is glacial.