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Taqueria Tequila

September 10th, 2008 · Comments

Taqueria Tequila (Mexican)
301 NW 85th St. (map)
(206) 784-4699

The Stranger: “A well-loved local spot, Taqueria Tequila is noted for fresh ingredients and good prices…”

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  1. gcm says:

    Best menudo in North Seattle, for sure!

  2. Kelley says:

    Good, authentic tacos. I especially like the veggie ones.

  3. seattle mike says:

    Yep, good food, good prices.

  4. Dale says:

    Sign me up for their camerones a la diablo (did I spell that right?) – shrimp and mushrooms in a hot sauce that builds and builds and builds in heat…

  5. MonkeyPilot says:

    Awesome. A local favorite. Their burritos are huge too, even if they don’t get the recognition that the place down the street does.

  6. Marlin says:

    Good food, good service, and reasonable prices. As good as, and maybe a little better than Gorditio’s. The chips were excellent. The best I have ever had, but they need more varieties of salsa . The burritos probably had too much beans and not enough meat, but the sauce was great! The service staff was friendly, but did not have the enthusiasm of the staff at Gorditio’s. Parking is easier than at Gordito’s, and there was no line. I’ll be back.

  7. josephina says:

    Best taqueria in town! Try the pork or steak tacos a la cart. Friendly people, great food, and very reasonably priced.

  8. Paul says:

    Cheap and good. You can’t go wrong:)

  9. Kelly says:

    Most authentic taqueria in Seattle.

  10. Mike says:

    I used to live one block away from this restaurant. This is one of the best mexican places EVER! Cheap, authentic good food. I recommend everything on the menu.

  11. Mike says:

    BTW this place made me completely forget that Gordito’s even existed!

  12. In the 'Wood says:

    I know this style of Mexican food (LA). I’ve had the best. Sure, this isn’t it, but it’s close. I like it. They’ve got good prices and tasty tacos.

    Now, I’m picky and know what the best carne asada is. While they might not have it, they do a good job.

  13. John says:

    It’s too bad nowhere around here makes a San Diego-style carne asada burrito w/ just meat, pico de gallo, and guacamole. I dunno what’s up with this “rice and beans in a burrito” nonsense.

    And why do people put Gordito’s on a pedestal? That place is pretty lousy. But then again, so is 90% of the Mexican food in Seattle.